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Yearly Yearbookers

Have you ever wondered what it takes to complete a yearbook each year? The yearbook staff is a hard-working group, who won’t rest until the yearbook is completed. If you were to join the yearbook staff in the Upper Division, you would experience how a fabulous staff works together. Being part of the staff can be exciting but also tough. It includes tons of challenges … Continue reading Yearly Yearbookers

Phones, I don’t think so!

Are phones hurting kids during school even if they are used for school purposes? Tests have been done and shown that phones have contributed in failing grades for many middle and high school students. These tests were done with two groups of Rutger students. To test if phones had an effect on students, Mr. Kang, a teacher, created an experiment that lasted throughout a semester. … Continue reading Phones, I don’t think so!

The Adventures of House Day 2019

Kestrel’s Vivian Olivera ’24, Inara Zarak ’24, Emma Kittredge ’24, Victoria Mahabir ’24, Briana Sosa ’23, and Zsofia Vo ’23 show their team spirit! 📸 Mrs. Sue Gunther Jude Abdullah ’24, Vicki Flack ’24, Inara Zarak ’24, Eden Heller ’24, Addison Baricak ’24, Delaney Bowden ’24, Mia Lamb ’24, and Abigail Wicker ’24 show that students from different houses are better together! 📸 Mrs. Sue Gunther These Peregrines, Aarav … Continue reading The Adventures of House Day 2019

Why should we use worm castings for our gardens?

By: Will Peña, Middle Division Green Club Do you have a garden, or want to have one? Well, first of all, worm castings are one of the best fertilizers in the world. Inside of the castings is organic sources of nitrogen and phosphorus.   The number one reason why you would want to use worm castings is to not put bad chemicals in your gardens. … Continue reading Why should we use worm castings for our gardens?

Road to Lakeland: A Retrospective (pt. 1)

Images provided by: John Faith By: Ian Curry, Class of ’24 3:24 left in the game. A 22-18 lead for the Academy. Citi Christian’s quarterback takes the snap. It goes into the air. Into someone’s hands. Into the endzone. Except that wasn’t just a touchdown. It was a pick-six straight into the hands of Tioma Stepanets. In such a close game, any good score can … Continue reading Road to Lakeland: A Retrospective (pt. 1)


On Friday 18 January 2019, Grandparent’s Day is held at Academy at the Lakes. Grandparents shared a wonderful breakfast with their grand kids and spent the morning doing activities. Grandparents day had a lot of activities planned for those who attended such as the always popular boat ride with Mrs. Mahoney, the wonderful experience of virtual reality with Mrs. Rodowsky, and a game of xiangqi, … Continue reading Grandstories