Here’s the Kicker


Story by Austin Suarez

Soccer is a great sport that keeps you healthy by making you exercise while having fun. It builds your communication and leadership skills. At Academy at the Lakes, you also learn how to play and get better from a coach that has played soccer herself. Considering all the benefits, I decided to find out what one of the newer players thinks of soccer, the first game, what they’re looking forward to and not looking forward to, and their thoughts on the whole season in general. I interviewed Frank Farley ‘22 who is playing soccer for the 2nd time this year. Here is a little bit of our interview.“

Were you afraid going up against the opposing team?

Frank: “Yes, I was pretty afraid going up against a team so advanced when I am a new player trying to stand a chance against them.”

Do you think you did well and tried your hardest during the games?

Frank: “I think that I tried my hardest and did what I could as a new player on the team. I had a few good defensive plays as a new player,  but I didn’t get the ball as much as more experienced players.”

What do you think of soccer as a sport?

Frank: “I like soccer as a whole. It is great because it gets you outside and running. It is very fun to play with your friends and it also helps because it is a team building sport and a voice communication sport too. It teaches you how to be a leader and take charge when it is needed.”

Do you have any feedback or thoughts on the game?

Frank: “I think we all tried our best going through these games and going up against these high-level teams. I really feel that we are improving a lot since our first game.”

Although they have not won a game yet, Frank really believes that they will push through all these losses and win. This year they do have a lot of new players, so he is going to have to start from the beginning, but it will be a nice refresher for him. If someone on the team has the motivation to push through these losses, then the team can too. I truly hope and believe that Frank and his team will do great this year and really show what the soccer team is all about.

Have you been involved in Soccer? Are you a fan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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