President Trump Against Kim Jong Un​

Story by James Elverson

Have you heard of the quarrels between President Trump and Kim Jong Un? Lately, Kim Jong Un keeps threatening to fire missiles at the USA. The two leaders have been fighting for several months now about firing at each other. North Korea has launched a few test missiles, and it is infuriating Trump. Currently, North Korea has fired two missiles over Japan. Many countries are watching North Korea carefully, including South Korea. If things go badly and North Korea does get better technology, good enough to get their missiles to the U.S.A. then, it can become a major problem. Right now the USA is not in as bad a spot as some of North Korea’s neighboring countries. North Korea has already fired a few missiles over Japan.Trump will most likely respond strongly to the threats if it becomes a major problem because of his actions to do with wars. To prevent a war, Trump has already put sanctions on North Korea. Also, Trump has recently signed an order to try to cut off North Korean missile funding. North Korea is not just testing regular missiles either, Kim Jong Un has tested ballistic missiles and hydrogen bombs. He has tested these regardless of international economic sanctions and warnings.


Trump told the UN that he would have to destroy North Korea if the country threatens the USA or its allies. North Korea has been punished economically many times, and Trump has repeatedly pressed China on becoming an American ally because it is currently an ally of North Korea. If China became an ally of the United States, it could prevent a major war because China is North Korea’s biggest ally right now. One of the last actions Trump has taken to stop a possible war is a travel ban. Trump added 8 countries to his travel ban and one was North Korea. This is supposed to prevent any undercover spies getting into the country.

There are many ways that the situation could go. Many in the student body here at Academy at the Lakes have a common opinion that this will start a war. Elise Faith ‘22 says, “I think that if anyone in the government provokes North Korea, a war will eventually start.” If not, it will definitely ramp up the conflict between the USA and North Korea. Many of the student body thought North Korea will likely attack neighboring countries first. Dillon Connelly ‘22, “He will attack neighboring countries first for more territory.” The student body was split on whether it will start another World War or not. An explanation for this might be the way people think Trump will handle the situation. Eighth-grader Stella Curry thinks, “We will end up in the war because of our president.” Mrs. McCormick also thinks Trump will not handle it the best way. Based on the current situation, many students think the neighboring countries will stay out of it as best as possible, but they might be forced to join a side. Mr. Pitcairn predicts the war will “affect us economically and the lives of our soldiers.”

Now that you have some basic knowledge and opinions of some of your fellow classmates, tell us in the comments how you feel the situation will unfold.

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