School charity, do you care?

There are many charities all around the world, like a Child’s Hope Fund, which helps children with cancer and disabilities that are helping people every day, but what is the student body doing to help? One person who is trying to help at the school is Emma Kitteridge, who is new to the Academy and a 6th grader. She said this about why she wants to start a charity at the school, “I want to start a charity to get the word out, and tell people ‘Hey, we could help people so much.” Her charity will be supporting Crisis Center, Tampa Bay.

Crisis Center of Tampa Bay helps kids and families that are going through emotional times because they experienced abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, the recent loss of a loved one or any type of emotional trauma. They also have a travelers aid for people who are stranded or disconnected from their support systems at the Tampa International Airport, and suicide prevention services that you can call and get advisors to help you.

Students around the school were interviewed about the charity movement that is starting. Austin Suarez was asked if he knew a charity was staring at the school and how he felt. “No, I did not know there was a charity starting at the school, and I think that it’s good that this person is making a charity to support and help the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay,” he said. He was also asked how he thought the school would accept the charity. “I think that the school will almost instantly accept the charity because it is such a good charity, and I know that the school likes supporting charities,” said Austin Suarez. Morgaen Stewart was also asked if she knew if there was a charity starting at the school and how she felt about it. “I did not know that there was a student that was starting a charity. I love the idea and hope it works out for him or her. The charity is great for the student and the people she or he is helping.” said Morgaen Stewart. She was also asked how she thought the school would react to the charity. “I think that the school will love the idea of someone helping others and helping people with their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Also, its an opportunity for him or her to evolve into a much kinder and selfless person,” she said.


Comment below on how you feel about Academy students getting involved in charities!


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