7th Grade Lockers: Why The Mess?

Story by Tristin Perkins

For 7th graders, the big, outside lockers are a new experience. Having all of one’s things in a locker is a big change, and sometimes, the students forget the responsibility of having these lockers. Unfortunately, this is one of those times. In the recent weeks and months, the 7th-grade locker area has been all around, like a dump. Students leave trash and food all over the place, and even clothes and bags all over the ground and lockers. Also, the Pitcairn patio is in no better shape. Due to this bundle of trash, the area has had a recent infestation of raccoons, squirrels, and birds of many kinds. The conditions, caused by the 7th graders themselves, to hang out in is unacceptable.

Shot looking at Lake Myrtle from patio
A beautiful view spoiled. The lovely view of Lake Myrtle from the Pitcairn Family Patio is often ruined by trash, backpacks and other items left scattered around.

This is not only the opinion of this writer but others as well. Other kids in the 7th grade are disgusted by the sight of our area, and other visitors would say the same. Although, Ms. Nadow, our 7th grade Language arts teacher, could beg to differ. According to her words, she describes the area as “cleaner” and “ impressive because of class numbers”. In answer to the question about if the mess was being caused by certain people or if it was an overall problem being caused by everyone, she felt that “it’s being caused everyone [and] hopefully just because the kids want to get to class on time”. When asked if she thought would this would continue to happen to future 7th graders, she responded that “it will continue to be a challenge for our age group” but “can be overcome by mindfulness”. So what can be done to fix this problem? Well, that all starts with you.

Students often forget PE bags, water bottles, jackets, and backpacks on the patio, as well as leaving trash on the ground.


What are your thoughts on the locker areas? If you are a seventh grader, do you agree that they are messy? If you are an eighth grader, do you think as a group 8th grade is better at cleaning up their locker area? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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