Under Pressure?

Is it too much pressure for a Middle Division athlete to play on a Varsity team? Typically, 5th-8th graders play on a Middle Division team and the 9th-12th grades play on a Varsity team. However, more Middle Division students are finding themselves in the “big leagues” of Varsity sports. This could be because of a shortage of Varsity players, or these athletes are amazing at the sport and truly deserve to be on the team. One of the 8th graders, Bella Robichaux, is the point guard of Academy’s basketball team. She said that she likes begin on the varsity team and she loves learning with older teammates.Considering if she thinks that there is too much pressure on her, especially being point guard,

“Sometimes, but mostly no because there are other people to be the point guard when I’m not.”

Another 8th grader on the Varsity team, Hannah Church, stated that “being on the team is a fun experience that not most Middle Division people get to have.” She added, “it can be too much pressure, but if you have the right mindset, then it isn’t.” This is the first year that they have both played on the Varsity team and they both feel that it isn’t too much pressure. They have teammates that help them out and always have their back when they need it.

In the mix. The Wildcat Varsity Basketball team races down the court during a game, a mix of both Upper Division and Middle Division athletes playing together.



Terrell Woods is an 8th grader on Academy’s Football Team. The team that went on to win the State Championship. He said that he enjoys playing football, he loves the brotherhood of the team, and the guys are fun but if you aren’t holding up your end of the game/practice then they will push you to do better. When asked if he believes there is too much pressure on him, he reflected, “No, because everyone helps each other and helps you grow as a player rather than push you down.” Overall, the Varsity team isn’t too much pressure for these Middle Division players as long they have a good team with helpful and supporting teammates.

If you would like to learn more about the transition from Middle Division sports to Varsity sports, click here.

How do you feel about it? Do you think it’s right for Middle Division athletes to be Varsity teams? Are you are one of these athletes yourself? Tell us how you feel about it in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Under Pressure?

  1. I think that if they are really good then yes they should be. If not, there is no need. It just puts more stress into our lives


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