Annual Public Speaking Assembly 2018

Stepping up to the podium and presenting a speech publicly can be quite a daunting task, but these public speaking winners were specially chosen to do just that! After being chosen for the finals, this group of fourth through eleventh graders were personally selected out of the finalists to present a variety of speeches in front of their fellow peers. From Shakespeare to opinion pieces, to their very own “I Have a Dream” speech, all of these students presented their fully memorized speeches with confidence and grace.

4th grader Darren Lou had the audience in the palm of his hand as he gave a persuasive, research-based speech on roller coasters.


With great enthusiasm, 5th-grader Adalynn Williams recited a poem about her strong dislike for homework.



6th-grader Madison Maxwell recited a motivational poem with poise and presence.



7th-grader Tristin Perkins gave an engaging motivational speech about being a teenager.



8th-grader Anisa Nanavati eloquently recited Shakespeare.



9th-grader Devyne Davis gave a moving “I Have a Dream” speech about the importance of being kind, and caring for each other, reflecting on how difficult it is to be a teenagerin the age of social media.



10th-grader Matthew Martin did not let his injury hamper him. He climbed the steps to the podium to gamely recite a great America speech about war with Vietnam.



11th-grader Tioma Stepanets gave a deeply moving “This I Believe” original speech about his childhood in Russia, and the opportunities being in America has afforded him.


Here are the speeches from the AATL live stream!


Have you competed in a public speaking competition? Does public speaking make you nervous? Let us know in the comments below!

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