Academy Insider- Video Production

“Annnnnddddd, CUT!” Yelled the director from the other room.

The cameraman stopped immediately and gave the director a brief nod, showing that he completed the task. As most academy students’ know, Video Production is a small, but interesting class and you may think that you know everything about it. However, when you look deeper you’ll find some fascinating things that you may not have known about it. During an interview with Mr. Crowley, he explained that if you are a video person, you should assemble “as much material as possible for editing” because the more video you have, the easier it is to find what you want to use for editing, and he also explained that using multiple cameras helps you get those better shots. When asked if there were any things that would be updated in the Video Production room, he mentioned that the team will be trying to convert to HD equipment “so that you are all able to grow in the future.” Although he did proclaim he was very happy in the actual room he is in now, so he might not switch for a while. 6C also discussed if they would be any additions to the class and he said that for projects,

“ Your imagination is your limit, I will support any project chosen as long as you can play it for your Grandma or Mr. Heller”. Mr. Crowley


Mr. Crowley videoing the stars for their talk show.


A member of the Video Production class, seventh-grader Austin Suarez mentioned that “it’s a very fun and a good learning experience about cameras, and editing, and computers in general.” He also thinks the most interesting part of Video Production is all the different things you learn such as, ”the projects he assigns us and the different equipment we use.” Austin also feels that the class taught him many different things about video. “Yes, it teaches you how to control a camera, a tripod, different recordings, headset, etc.” When going into Video Production, know that Mr. Crowley enjoys teachings class, and so do students like Austin Suarez. Come on down to Video Production to experience a really interesting class.

Have you ever been in Mr. Crowley’s class? If so, leave a comment down below and please like and share.


Eight graders James Elverson and Elise Faith work hard on their semester project.



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