New kid at school

I walked up to the school patio thinking I was seeing kids joking and gossiping, but no that was me just being self-conscious. Being a new student at Academy At The Lakes is very different from an average public middle school. This school can change you into a good student. Before I went to Academy I wasn’t the best student. I was very lazy, maybe I still am, but much less than before. Academy has even changed other students like seventh grader Tristin Perkins. Tristin Perkins thinks the changed people by being kind.”By making me more welcomed and they cared for me.” Tristin exclaimed. He also likes the relationships with the teachers.”They care about your education and your safety.” One difference in moving from public school to private school is there can be a better environment, not just for me that’s also for Tristin.

Being the new kid is sometimes hard, but David Scamporino ’23 is enjoying the experience.

You might wonder how is private school different from public school? Tristin has a definite opinion on that,

“The grounds are much cleaner and the school is more accepting than others.” Tristin Perkins ’23

It’s also different because the teachers have fewer students in the classes, which means the teacher is less stressed and can focus more on your education. Like public schools, they have to follow state laws and state tests. Academy has a unique culture and new students have to adjust to Academy. When I first walked into academy it was a weird feeling because every kid is smart. When your around smart people you are influenced to be smarter as well. It was also a comfortable feeling too because the kids wanted me to be there and didn’t give me dirty looks. There are also more opportunities, like interesting clubs to join such as Fishing Club and Odyssey of the Mind.  For instance, I’m interested in the Fishing Club because it’s a fun hobby for me and I also do it a lot. After a while the kids there will become your family. The students here are very outgoing so they will just come up to you and say “Hello”. Yes, it’s crazy a school where kids want to meet you. This is why public school is different from a private school for me and other kids. I’m looking forward to seeing what the school has in store for me.

Have you ever had to be the new kid in any school? What was it like? Let us know in the comments below!


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