House Day 2018

It’s the anticipation, the waiting for Mr. Heller to call the winner of House Day. All of the sweat and tears were leading up to this moment.

“And the winner is…!”

Whether you are in Osprey, Kestrel, Nighthawk, or Peregrine, House Day is always so much fun.

For those of you that don’t know what House Day is, it is a day where the four houses of Academy at the Lakes compete in different sports activities to win points. All the way from Pre-JK to the Seniors, they run in the progressive race, three-legged race, fire hydrant, and so much more.

Sam Lowry (8) is one of the students representing Osprey’s Middle Division. He said,

“Yeah, I am pretty excited! I have never been house captain before so it will be a new experience for me and I am proud to represent my team.”

There is always a little feud between the teams, but the main feud is Nighthawk and Peregrine. Isabelle Angelone (8) is proud to be apart of Nighthawk and says to Peregrine, “Watch out because Nighthawk is here to win!” Maty Stals (8) said that she was just so excited to wear her red shirt and call herself a Peregrine. She is always telling the team to keep their heads high and have fun!


Student’s from Nighthawk, decked out in yellow, show their house pride.


After all of the fun on the Wendlek campus, everyone travels to McCormick campus to have pizza and hotdogs and then work on a joint activity with our reading buddies, also knows as Al’Pals. Following lunch, the school flows into the Academy gym to watch and support the high schoolers as they play a few games of dodgeball. Every time a team wins a round it adds points to the leaderboard to determine the final winner. On April 2, 2018 Academy had their 14th House Day and Osprey claimed the win!


We are the champions! Osprey celebrates winning the 2018 House day.


What house are YOU in? Let us know, and who you think will win House Day next year in the comments below!

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