Where bonds are made at Academy at the Lakes

By: Summer Senior and Emma Kittredge

Retreats, something very unique to Academy at the Lakes.

Not many other schools have this, so what is it? Going on retreat, to the Academy, is a time for students to bond with each other and make new friends. It’s like an “ice-breaker” for the beginning of the year. Abigail Wicker, a new 7th grader, says that the retreat helped her feel more welcome to the community: “I actually have a group of friends now and they are really nice to me.” Every student goes on a retreat, from 5th all the way to 12th grade. The seniors actually organize the Upper Division retreat. However, the Middle Division has just as fun of a time as the people in the Upper Division; even Emily Halfpenny, who has been at the Academy since SK and is now a sophomore agrees. “For my first retreat ever, I was in Fifth grade and we stayed overnight at the school gym. Jeff didn’t mess with us too much!” (For those of you who don’t know, Jeff is our school ghost!) She also liked going to this past retreat, however, she wishes that they had more hands-on activities. “I hope that for next retreat there will be more animal involvement because I’m weird and I like to pick up random things.” Emily is very interested in any kind of living thing, so it was obvious for her to pick up a millipede… but… it ended up using its defense mechanism and leaving marks on her hands. Everything ended up being ok and a great learning experience. She and other students around the Academy campus are looking forward to 2019’s retreat.IMG_3575

Osprey vs Kestrel in a competition of volleyball are using communication skills while working with new teammates.


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