What Teachers Do For Us!

In the feature image above, 9th grader Kaitlyn Riordan studies hard, but with a smile on her face!

Getting Jazzy!
Band teacher Dr. Compton teaches his eighth-period band class a song on Day of Manners. The students are playing ‘Above and Beyond’ by James Swearingen along with many other songs. They work very hard to prepare for concerts and assemblies so, Dr. CompTon puts the T in teacher.


Working Hard
The 7th and 8th-grade strings class work hard to prepare for the upcoming Founder’s Day Assembly. Mrs. Pisacane is making sure they are ready. If you walked into their class, you would know they are. From little Lower Division kids all the way to the most talented Upper Division seniors, Mrs. Pisacane works hard every day to teach her students the art of music.
Artistic Touch
Eighth graders  Emerson Maier, Malia Nelson, Allie Glatfelter, and Ella Dobrazanski work on their still life projects where they show light and dark through dots, a technique that is known as Pointillism. “When I go to art class, I feel really happy about going there because I know I can just relax and channel my emotions through art.” Says Ella enthusiastically.


Drama Llamas
In the top picture, seventh-grader Ariana Freedman shows how she perceives sadness in a game of freeze. In the second picture, eighth-grader Noelle Yee and seventh-grader Olivia Wells are dramatically posing for a photo. After all, it is a drama class!

Teachers do many things for us that we take for granted. So, next time your about to give sass to a teacher, remember they’re here because they choose to teach the young minds of the future, not just to earn a paycheck. Students aren’t the only ones who learn, but students do need teachers to learn not just school teachers, but parents, grandparents, and anyone. Teachers can be found in many people throughout our lives. Take a moment to learn from others and show them respect. Through that, you will gain a lot more respect and knowledge.

So, how do you feel about AATL teachers? What are some of the cool things teachers have taught you that you would not have expected? Why do you go to school (to learn, make friends, play sports, etc.)? Tell us how you feel in the comments section below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe (and hit the bell so you will be informed when I post something new, just kidding. ;-))

–  ♥Annabel Upton♥

2 thoughts on “What Teachers Do For Us!

  1. How do you feel when you walk into class or when you come home, do you ever think of your parents as a teacher or do you just think of your parents as, well, mom or dad, madre or padre, mama or papa?


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