Golden Nights

Music boomed and some smooth dance moves were attempted on Friday, September 28th, when the 7th and 8th Graders held their fall dance. The dance was located in Melech from 7:00-9:30. Sponsored and run by NJHS, the profits of the dance were raised to support the Children’s Oncology Group. The Children’s Oncology Group works to find cures for pediatric cancer. NJHS raised a total of $718 for the cause. The theme was gold because gold in the color of the pediatric cancer ribbon. Unfortunately, in the middle of the dance, everybody had to come inside Melech due to weather issues. This did not stop all of the fun though. Everybody was dancing to their favorite songs and snacking on some pizza and cookies. The Middle Division students had a great time and look forward to the Winter Semi-formal. It was great to have a good time for a good cause!


SMOOTH MOVE! Eighth-grader Peter Farley strikes a pose while Will Elverson (7) snags a cookie from the table behind him.

Photo by: Jude Abdullah


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