The Road to Regionals

Here I am at 8 years old, goofing around before a tournament


My name is Tristin Perkins, a junior golfer for Academy at the Lakes. I have been on the team for one year, this year is my second. I’ve been playing golf since I was three years old, and will continue until I get onto the PGA (Professional Golf Association) Tour. This season, I played in the district finals. I shot a 79 equaling 7 over par. That entire week I trained like a mad dog, going from short game, which is my putting and chipping,  to shots back to my short game than again shots. It was a good but brutal week of training, and it paid off. I ended up making a putt on the last hole to save me from a three-way playoff, which is one of the main reasons I made it. I hadn’t actually known I had made it until just as the last players came in. I thought I had played so badly that I wasn’t going to make it, but apparently, that wasn’t the case.

This is me a couple of years ago when I first moved to Florida. This was one of my first tournaments

After I made it, I started jumping for joy, considering that I was the first 8th grader to move on to regionals, but then realized that I had to play at regionals, which would be much harder and way longer. The day of, I got to the golf course at about 7:30, and the shotgun start (when everyone starts at the same time) was at 9, which gave me a bunch of time to warm up. Unfortunately, it was freezing cold, about 50 degrees, so while warming up, I froze down. Luckily, the sun was starting to come up, so it got warm quickly. After warming up, we had a meeting, then got in our carts and hit the course.

PGA Tour Academy Golf Camp 2014 010
This was me also one of the first years I moved to Florida. This was at a golf camp in Saint Augustine.

I was playing really well, only 2 over on the front nine. Then hole number one came. I started on 5 so I was only on the 14th hole. I hit a good drive, but then hit it in the water. Then, I hit it in the bunker, which made me mad but told myself I could get up and down for a double and be fine. Once I entered the bunker, I instantly regretted it, because I stayed in the bunker twice, then got out and 3 putts. I ended up 5 over on that one hole. After that, I went 2 over for the next 4 holes and shot 81. For my first time at regionals, I thought I did pretty well. All I can hope for is to gain some weight and grow taller, which is all I can do for now, and just keep my game in check. I still have 4 more years at AATL, so there is much more to come.

What do you guys think about my experience? What is your favorite sport? Type down in the comments below!

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