Don’t Litter, It Makes the World Bitter!

AATL Green Club News is a semi-regular feature regarding environmental issues. The posts are written by 5th and 6th Grade members of the Middle Division Green Club.

By Daniel Jacob ’25

One of the school’s new recycling bins. Photo by Daniel Jacob ’25

Why do we recycle?

If human beings didn’t recycle, the Earth would be one big landfill. We would have trouble breathing because of all the waste and trash. The planet would be ruined. But, since we do recycle, that hasn’t happened, yet. It’s obvious that recycling helps the world to a great extent, and that we humans could do a better job of doing it. We are learning about Hydrology, the study of water, to understand how to help our planet in the future. We’ve only scratched the surface, and yet, that’s what matters in the long run.

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Did you know that less than 34% of Americans recycle and that we throw away 80% of what could be recycled? That’s not a great statistic, and you don’t need a study to tell you that.

What can we do?

Whenever throwing something away, make sure it’s definitely not recyclable. You can inform yourself of this online. Every contribution can save an animal, and a bit of your home-Earth. There is always something you can do.

Do you recycle? Does your neighborhood offer recycling? Let us know in the comments below!

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