Band VS Strings

Walking into Mr. Heller’s room, reporter Annabel Upton prepares to experience a dull, soulless interview, not even a thought passing through her head that this interview would change her whole story as well as her outlook on band and strings.

Many students think of band and strings as just another class to play a regular old instrument, if you were to ask the opinion of  Mr. Heller, our Head of School, it became clear that it is much, much more. Mr. Heller believes, “The study of an instrument is so valuable for all kinds of learning. You have to learn how to make the sounds, analyze, and play it well. Then you also can’t be alone.” In other words, to make an orchestra you must have more than one instrument. Many people learn instruments on their own, with a teacher, or even watching videos on Youtube, but to make a wonderful sound they must have others to play with them. That is why Academy at the Lakes lets it’s students have the choice to join either band or strings –so they can work with others to make beautiful music.

Some lean towards strings, such as Sofia Humayun ‘23 thinks, “[strings instruments are] more elegant and versatile than a band instrument.” And she goes on to add, “It can show more emotion than the band instruments;” on the contrary, however, Kayla Martinell-Smith ‘23 is a member of the band, and enjoys, “the challenge aspect of playing an instrument,” and she knows, “it will help me later on in life. I also love music, so being able to perform is a great privilege.” This privilege comes with being an Academy at the Lakes student. Some 8th graders, like Peter Farley ‘23, are in the class because of family, “I am in Strings because it was first required in 5th and 6th grade to do either band or strings… I decided to stay because I had a great time playing, and want[ed] to get better as the years go on.” Ian Dempsey ‘23 has been in strings since 5th grade, “It gives you a chance to come from strings on the lower division side and play a different instrument on the middle and upper division side. Also, Dr. Compton is an amazing teacher, and he makes learning a new instrument very fun.”

Many have different opinions, why not share yours in the poll or comments below?

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