How The Fishing Club got Hooked.

The Mystery of Fishing Club

Originally, Michael Halfpenny ’24 and I, Austin Suarez ’23, were simply going to write a report on the Fishing Club’s disbandment; however, in attempting to unravel this mystery, we were sent on a week-long adventure in search of all the intricate details of the fate of the club. What we have created is the product of many meetings and interviews conducted with many people as we delved deep trying to get to the bottom of this mystery.

This story was of utmost importance to us because many people did not know anything about the Fishing Club, or even that it had been canceled long ago. Firstly, we sought out the person who was known to be, by far, the most influential in the club: Hunter Price ’22. We came to him personally to embark on our first steps in unraveling this mystery; however, while he didn’t divulge much information, he did tell us that it had ended because they could no longer use the boat. In order to verify the truthfulness of his statement, we persisted in our search for the truth by conducting an interview with Mr. Pitcairn about this mystery. As we talked, more and more pieces of the puzzle came together; however, there were still many major pieces missing. He claimed that he did not know what had happened and that he didn’t even know it had ultimately stopped. Next, we held an interview with Josh Baker ’19, another major contributor to the Fishing Club:

Interviewer: How do you feel about ishing club getting canceled?

Josh Baker: “It was disheartening and but it was for the right reasons, maybe we can look at it next year and figure out what we can do then.”

Interviewer: “Do you think it should just be given up on or could there be a way to reimagine it without the boat?”

Josh Baker: “With the right ideas it can definitely be re-opened up. It can definitely be re-designed, without a doubt.”

Disappointingly, once again, we were unable to uncover much information about what happened. He did confess that he wants the club to come back, but he ultimately did not divulge any significant information. With our options running thin, we looked to the person who we believed would know the most about the Fishing Club, the person who could reveal the most information to us. We had hoped this would be the end to our escapade, but even he did not know about the conspiracies surrounding the Fishing Club. Because of an email, we sent to him, he was able to give us information and wrap up what had happened to the club.

We dove in and finally learned all about this mystery. Mr. Heller was able to clear up the misconceptions. Without hesitation, he told us that he disliked that word that had gone around over the Fishing Club ending and does not blame anyone. “It’s like the game of Telephone, where information goes around and gets a little misty at the end when it comes out.”  The story he spoke of was that the Fishing Club was perfectly normal until the people in the Fishing Club wanted to go on Myrtle Lake on the boat, but they could not go on the boat because of safety issues: that the right people had to have the right license for taking people out on the boat. At the time, they did not have this, and this process would obviously be a long and arduous process. Then, there was an issue with the boat lift, which meant no one could go fishing due to even more safety issues with the lift. This led to them getting a new boat lift, but from the lift problems, the Fishing Club was never able to pull itself back together. But because of our email, he had looked into it, and fixed all of the problems – he had obtained a license, looked into and fixed all the problems, and with his help, we found the reasons for the fishing club’s disbandment.

A view from the shore of Myrtle Lake. A broken boat lift was one of the primary reasons that the Fishing Club was unable to fish the lake from the Academy’s boat.

We had gone through an adventure solving the puzzle that was the Fishing Club. We talked to many people and learned a lot along the way. As Mr. Heller said, the press dives deep into these sorts of mysteries, gets people, and gets answers. He was very proud of 6C Publishing for going deep and finding answers. Without our help, finding answers, this PR bomb would have never had the chance to burst. He had even gone so far as to come over to our class after the interview and told us that he loved the press and everything it stands for. Hopefully, now that the air is cleared, the fishing club will be coming back, and it will be better than ever!


Do you have an interest in fishing? Would you like to join a Fishing Club? Let us know in the comments below!


Were there legal issues behind using the boat?

Not legal issues, it was because of safety and insurance issues. Last year they were fishing off the dock, and there was no problem with that. This year they are asking to go on the boat and that brings up some issues because we need people with the right licenses.



Now we know why and how our beloved fishing club got shut down. We all hope it will make it return and come back even better. If you support this idea of the fishing club coming back, comment down below. Maybe we can bring it back to light.


Interview questions for Josh Baker:

  • How did you feel about it getting canceled?
  • Do you think the fishing club should just be given up on?


Interview questions for Heller


  • Where there legal issues behind not using the boat? To drive the boat you need
  • Did anyone come up with suggestions for something else?
  • Do you have any suggestions to how it can get restarted without the boat?


Hello Mr. Heller,


Austin Suarez and I, Michael Halfpenny, are doing a news story on the fishing club and we recently have heard by Hunter that it had been canceled. We are seeking information on this topic. We recently spoke to Mr. Pitcairn and he had not been aware that the fishing club was canceled and was sad and disappointed at the news. All know from both Mr. Pitcairn and Hunter is that they couldn’t use the boat because someone has to have a license so they ended the club because they couldn’t use the boat. So, we would like to gather a little more about this topic and ask you a few questions. If that is alright, please respond back the times you are open for us to come in and interview you quickly.


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