On Friday 18 January 2019, Grandparent’s Day is held at Academy at the Lakes. Grandparents shared a wonderful breakfast with their grand kids and spent the morning doing activities. Grandparents day had a lot of activities planned for those who attended such as the always popular boat ride with Mrs. Mahoney, the wonderful experience of virtual reality with Mrs. Rodowsky, and a game of xiangqi, or Chinese chess with Mrs. Wang.

As they do every year, Grandparents came to the school, and left behind some suggestions. The first Grandparent we talked to was Sheri Harris; grandparent of Mckenzy, Addyson and Payton Strobbe, Sheri enjoyed our performance and our program. Sheri believes that the events from Lower Division, to the Middle Division and Upper Division were too difficult to get to. Ultimately, however, Sheri said she had a great time at 2019’s Grandparent’s Day.

One other Grandparent that responded was Cindy Roan. Cindy is the Grandparent of Reagan and Elise. Cindy also stated that “I’d appreciate more in-depth knowledge about events and capability to visit both campuses.” In simpler terms, she meant that buses were invaluable, but the time frame did not provide as many opportunities as she would have liked.

A final response came from Chris Senior. Chris is the special person for Sydney and Summer Senior. Chris felt that Grandparent’s day could have been done better and the allotted for it was too short. “I think Grandparent’s Day is a wonderful thing and it does bring the girls and my parents closer together and to plan a day to do something together. They come every year and look forward to the day,” she added.

There were many other Grandparents that sent in responses; click here to view.

Tell us what you thought and share your opinion in the comments section!

Upper Division science teacher, Mrs. Mahoney preparing the grandparents for a boat ride around Myrtle Lake.
Photo by Jude Abdullah
Brook Whitehurst hugging her grandmother Marian Burmeff
Photo by Annabel Upton

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