Road to Lakeland: A Retrospective (pt. 1)

Images provided by: John Faith By: Ian Curry, Class of ’24 3:24 left in the game. A 22-18 lead for the Academy. Citi Christian’s quarterback takes the snap. It goes into the air. Into someone’s hands. Into the endzone. Except that wasn’t just a touchdown. It was a pick-six straight into the hands of Tioma Stepanets. In such a close game, any good score can … Continue reading Road to Lakeland: A Retrospective (pt. 1)

Managing Champions

Football is one of the most exciting sports to watch, and the spotlight is usually on the players, nobody usually pays attention to what happens in the background. However, in the background working hard are often the managers. Being a team manager is one of the most important jobs of a football team. They make sure the team has plenty of water and all of … Continue reading Managing Champions

Make Your Summer Plans Now

Trying to make summer plans before the school year ends? If so, join some of Academy’s summer camps to keep in touch with friends and even make some new ones. From June 4th to August 3rd you can enjoy fun activities, adventures or arts and crafts. Some that you might want to try is Day trippers, Junior Astronomy, Crafty Creations, Trailblazers, and so much more. … Continue reading Make Your Summer Plans Now

Middle Division Student Council

Looking back at the year, the Middle Division Student Council has done so much to bring 7th and 8th grade together through the events and fundraisers they’ve hosted during the year.  The council has done a variety of things that influenced the Middle Division in a positive way. However, there are some things that the council could be doing and they are not. There are … Continue reading Middle Division Student Council

Lost for Words: How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Ugh, you have to write another paper? Well you’re not alone if you get writer’s block, almost every student goes through it. You might feel like you’ll never get out of it, but there are some tips to help you with this problem. There are many things that you as a student can do to help improve writing and help solve writer’s block. First of … Continue reading Lost for Words: How to Overcome Writer’s Block

My Life as a Figure Skater

Skating in Florida? Really? Most people wouldn’t normally think about figure skating in a state like Florida because of how hot it is. I was inspired to do figure skating by my favorite figure skater Gracie Gold. Gracie’s full name is Grace Elizabeth Gold. She is 22 years old and she is the 2012 world junior silver medalist and a two-time U.S. national champion (2014 … Continue reading My Life as a Figure Skater