Tied Up with Ties!

We all know girls have a hard time with dress code.Girls just have a hard time because dress code is more strict. But what about the guys? What are their dress code problems? You may not know, but our male faculty are required to wear ties on a daily basis. This is surprising because they don’t mention it. So what is their opinion on it? … Continue reading Tied Up with Ties!

State Championship Pep Rally!

The Academy Football team made it to the State Championships with a 10-1 record! Here’s a quick recap of the special pep rally we had today to support our players. Hope to see you in Lakeland at Southeastern University at 7 this Saturday! Go Wildcats! Continue reading State Championship Pep Rally!

Giving Thanks

Lower Division student Zen Keenan, JK was thankful and comforted by his teacher Ms. Melissa during the Thanksgiving Assembly.   It all started with a conversation among the 6C Staffers on what they felt thankful for as we headed toward the Thanksgiving holiday break. It grew to include many Academy students sharing what they are thankful for, along with some speeches from the Thanksgiving Assembly. … Continue reading Giving Thanks

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Here’s the Kicker

Story by Austin Suarez Soccer is a great sport that keeps you healthy by making you exercise while having fun. It builds your communication and leadership skills. At Academy at the Lakes, you also learn how to play and get better from a coach that has played soccer herself. Considering all the benefits, I decided to find out what one of the newer players thinks … Continue reading Here’s the Kicker

President Trump Against Kim Jong Un​

Story by James Elverson Have you heard of the quarrels between President Trump and Kim Jong Un? Lately, Kim Jong Un keeps threatening to fire missiles at the USA. The two leaders have been fighting for several months now about firing at each other. North Korea has launched a few test missiles, and it is infuriating Trump. Currently, North Korea has fired two missiles over … Continue reading President Trump Against Kim Jong Un​

Wildcat football team

What is the NFL doing to help prevent concussions and other injuries?

Story by Glen McGuire       Before the 2017 football season started, the NFL tested helmets to see what helmet could protect the head of a player the most. The results showed that the VICIS Zero 01 (2017) offered the best protection. Now all of the helmets players use can make a hit on the head softer. In reference to our school’s gear, coach … Continue reading What is the NFL doing to help prevent concussions and other injuries?

Mustangs: America’s Living History

Story by Caitlin Blankenship The Free-roaming Horses and Burros Act state; that all free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death. The president’s Senate is currently debating and voting on whether to repeal that act. If it’s repealed, it means that people will be allowed to sell wild mustangs to slaughter, capture them, brand them, and harass them legally. (Add … Continue reading Mustangs: America’s Living History