Road to Lakeland: A Retrospective (pt. 1)

Images provided by: John Faith By: Ian Curry, Class of ’24 3:24 left in the game. A 22-18 lead for the Academy. Citi Christian’s quarterback takes the snap. It goes into the air. Into someone’s hands. Into the endzone. Except that wasn’t just a touchdown. It was a pick-six straight into the hands of Tioma Stepanets. In such a close game, any good score can … Continue reading Road to Lakeland: A Retrospective (pt. 1)

The Guys and Dolls Team

It’s play season! An outstanding Academy tradition that involves over half of the student body has commenced and is scheduled for March 16th and 17th. This year’s play is a story of gamblers and the women they are chasing after. Underground “crap games” are complicating relationships while also building others. Guys and Dolls is a  humorous tale of Miss Adelaide, Sky Masterson, Nathan Detroit, and … Continue reading The Guys and Dolls Team

Making it all add up in the MD Math Club.

Why did the math book look so sad? Because it had so many problems… Ok, seriously, Math can be fun, and even competitive. MathCounts is a math competition where regions all over the United States compete to be the best in the country, and last Friday Academy’s Middle Division math club team went to compete. The coach of the team is Debra Reed, who is … Continue reading Making it all add up in the MD Math Club.

7th Grade Lockers: Why The Mess?

Story by Tristin Perkins For 7th graders, the big, outside lockers are a new experience. Having all of one’s things in a locker is a big change, and sometimes, the students forget the responsibility of having these lockers. Unfortunately, this is one of those times. In the recent weeks and months, the 7th-grade locker area has been all around, like a dump. Students leave trash … Continue reading 7th Grade Lockers: Why The Mess?

Giving Thanks

Lower Division student Zen Keenan, JK was thankful and comforted by his teacher Ms. Melissa during the Thanksgiving Assembly.   It all started with a conversation among the 6C Staffers on what they felt thankful for as we headed toward the Thanksgiving holiday break. It grew to include many Academy students sharing what they are thankful for, along with some speeches from the Thanksgiving Assembly. … Continue reading Giving Thanks