Where bonds are made at Academy at the Lakes

By: Summer Senior and Emma Kittredge Retreats, something very unique to Academy at the Lakes. Not many other schools have this, so what is it? Going on retreat, to the Academy, is a time for students to bond with each other and make new friends. It’s like an “ice-breaker” for the beginning of the year. Abigail Wicker, a new 7th grader, says that the retreat … Continue reading Where bonds are made at Academy at the Lakes

Annual Public Speaking Assembly 2018

Stepping up to the podium and presenting a speech publicly can be quite a daunting task, but these public speaking winners were specially chosen to do just that! After being chosen for the finals, this group of fourth through eleventh graders were personally selected out of the finalists to present a variety of speeches in front of their fellow peers. From Shakespeare to opinion pieces, … Continue reading Annual Public Speaking Assembly 2018

Making it all add up in the MD Math Club.

Why did the math book look so sad? Because it had so many problems… Ok, seriously, Math can be fun, and even competitive. MathCounts is a math competition where regions all over the United States compete to be the best in the country, and last Friday Academy’s Middle Division math club team went to compete. The coach of the team is Debra Reed, who is … Continue reading Making it all add up in the MD Math Club.

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Here’s the Kicker

Story by Austin Suarez Soccer is a great sport that keeps you healthy by making you exercise while having fun. It builds your communication and leadership skills. At Academy at the Lakes, you also learn how to play and get better from a coach that has played soccer herself. Considering all the benefits, I decided to find out what one of the newer players thinks … Continue reading Here’s the Kicker

President Trump Against Kim Jong Un​

Story by James Elverson Have you heard of the quarrels between President Trump and Kim Jong Un? Lately, Kim Jong Un keeps threatening to fire missiles at the USA. The two leaders have been fighting for several months now about firing at each other. North Korea has launched a few test missiles, and it is infuriating Trump. Currently, North Korea has fired two missiles over … Continue reading President Trump Against Kim Jong Un​