Apple Bottom Jeans

Story by Morgaen Stewart

Dress Code is one thing we all have different opinions on. Jeans, in particular, are a big source of opinions in dress code. Although our Dress Code was relaxed to wearing colored denim and sweatpants, why can’t we wear normal/original jeans? Why does it look unprofessional or “lazy”? These are the questions to answer and get some opinions on.

Jeans are a difficult Dress Code rule. We are allowed to wear sweats (aka sweatpants), yet Administration thinks we shouldn’t wear jeans because they look “lazy” or other negative words. Why is that? I talked to 7th grader, Noelle Yee about this topic and she said to me “Jeans are not sloppy, they are actually a professional outfit that you can wear. But it depends on the type of jeans.” This was a very useful idea. Yes, when we put on jeans it’s sometimes easy to look inappropriate (especially if they are torn or too big), but jeans can be put together with just a little effort and an understanding of which jeans are appropriate to wear. On the other hand, if we wear the wrong size jeans then it might be a violation of dress code, and we should call it lazy. Noelle is in middle school, so a middle schooler’s point of view, someone who is in uniforms and can’t wear jeans or regular clothing at all, has a different perspective than a high schooler. I agree jeans can be harder to put on sometimes, but they look really nice on anyone. This shows we shouldn’t call them lazy. Instead, we should use the term unprofessional.

I also spoke to Dr.Dobrow, the school counselor, his wise words were “I think it’s a perception, well certainly in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s I think that was the mentality, but for whatever reason we have moved on to a more casual society that is less focused on how people dress, so I think it is more acceptable.” This shows that our clothing style has changed, but not so much to where we call the style a negative word. Also, jeans have been here since the 1960s and are still very fashionable and we can be professional and dress them up if needed. In addition, they make most people happy to wear them.

Overall this covers my opinion why jeans can be professional. Jeans should be worn and worn proudly with a professional, yet stylish look that all Upper Division student can wear.

What do you think? Should Upper Division students be allowed to wear jeans? Should they not? Why? Please post your thoughts in the comments below.


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