The Guys and Dolls Team

It’s play season! An outstanding Academy tradition that involves over half of the student body has commenced and is scheduled for March 16th and 17th.


This year’s play is a story of gamblers and the women they are chasing after. Underground “crap games” are complicating relationships while also building others. Guys and Dolls is a  humorous tale of Miss Adelaide, Sky Masterson, Nathan Detroit, and Sister Sarah and is a lively musical with a cast of contrasting characters on a journey through the New York underworld.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be playing the part of Miss Adelaide this year.” Sophomore Jessica Hill explains just how excited she was to be selected for this year’s lead of Guys and Dolls. “This character has been played by so many iconic actresses in the past, and I can’t wait to become her on stage.” She expresses her motivation for playing the part as the best she can be. Making a strong point afterward, Jessica says “…while the actors work to show their efforts on stage, the makeup and stage crew are the true backbone of the production.” Behind the scenes, there are many teachers, students, alumni, musicians, and volunteers working to make a production possible every year.IMG_5249.JPG

Sophomore Kaileigh Schmitz is part of this year’s makeup and hair crew, 6C interviewed her on her feelings about being included in the production this year. “I chose to be on this year’s crew not only because it’ll be great experience, but it’ll also look great on my college resume.” The hair and makeup crew are able to experience a fast-paced work environment and they get to practice for makeup from several different eras.

The musical pit creates the overall mood for every scene in Guys and Dolls. The pit is made up of Academy’s students, teachers, and staff. These musicians attend countless rehearsals to achieve absolute perfection, and not miss a beat! “Mr. Heller is a big part of the music for this year’s production. He wants us to achieve greatness, this means hours of practice. We always are exhausted afterward, but it couldn’t possibly be more rewarding.” A student musician, Katie Erin McCormick told 6C just how gratified she was to be a part of this year’s pit yet again.


“Sometimes they can be pretty intense, but that’s why I think this year’s production is going to be one to remember.” Freshman Sarah Witt told 6C her thoughts on Academy’s new directors. “I am really excited to see what they are going to make out of this year’s cast, hopefully, I can get a lead one year.” Sarah is one of the many students in general chorus position this year, who’re building up their experience for a larger part in the years to come.

Guys and Dolls will surely be a production our Academy community will not soon forget!

Be sure to attend one of the three showtimes at the University of Florida theater on March 16th or 17th.

Are you participating in, or planning to go see Guys and Dolls this year? Let 6C know in the comments!


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