Academy Insider- Sea Camp

The sun slowly rises as the other students wake and then, THE ACADEMY BUS ROLLS IN AS ALL OF THE STUDENTS JUMP OUT AND SCREAM AS LOUD AS THEY CAN. This would be a normal day at Sea Camp for Academy at the Lakes. But the 7th graders, we have yet to experience that, but this year, everything changes. This year, the 7th graders are going to Sea Camp in Key West. Now, this may be overwhelming for some, being away from your family for 3 days, BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT, let’s HAVE SOME FUN! Now on this episode of Academy Insider, we are going to ask some of the students their opinion on Sea Camp and what the teachers have planned. In an interview with Ms. McCormick, 6C asked If anything special was going to happen at the retreat she said ”Nothing special was going to happen to the 7th graders and it’s just a normal extended trip for bonding.” She also said that “there might be some leaning on the way as well.” When we asked what our daily schedule was going to be she said ”1. Breakfast 2. Morning activity 3. Lunch 4. Afternoon activity 5. Dinner 6. Night activity and some free time throughout the day.”


Lastly, in reference to what Mrs. McCormick considers the best part of Sea Camp, ”It’s probably watching the students do things out of their comfort zone.” We also interviewed Quinn McCormick and asked him some basic, simple questions. The first question 6C asked was what he expected Sea Camp to be like, ”A Lot of swimming activities, but some land activities too.” he explained. We also asked him his thoughts on Sea Camp and he responded with, “it should be fun, although I have never been, it should be a good experience for learning.” When asked what his favorite activity would be he said briefly,” I would think it would be the boat rides to Sea Camp.”


So, 7th graders, what do you think Sea Camp will be like? Please respond in the comments below!


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