Tied Up with Ties!

We all know girls have a hard time with dress code.Girls just have a hard time because dress code is more strict. But what about the guys? What are their dress code problems? You may not know, but our male faculty are required to wear ties on a daily basis. This is surprising because they don’t mention it. So what is their opinion on it? … Continue reading Tied Up with Ties!

Apple Bottom Jeans

Story by Morgaen Stewart Dress Code is one thing we all have different opinions on. Jeans, in particular, are a big source of opinions in dress code. Although our Dress Code was relaxed to wearing colored denim and sweatpants, why can’t we wear normal/original jeans? Why does it look unprofessional or “lazy”? These are the questions to answer and get some opinions on. Jeans are a … Continue reading Apple Bottom Jeans