Tied Up with Ties!

We all know girls have a hard time with dress code.Girls just have a hard time because dress code is more strict. But what about the guys? What are their dress code problems? You may not know, but our male faculty are required to wear ties on a daily basis. This is surprising because they don’t mention it. So what is their opinion on it? What do the male faculty think about this professional look?

We all know male teachers wear ties to look professional and to have a clean, put together look. But what are the cons of ties? I asked two teachers, Dr. Compton and Mr. Williams the following questions: Why do you think ties have to be worn? Do you like the idea of wearing ties? What are the pros and cons?

I interviewed Mr. Williams, the 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher, and he gave me some answers to my questions.

Mr. Williams thinks that “At school, to express a professional image and to show that we are professionals, doing the best job we can for the students.” He added, “overall, we wear ties to to look professional and get a clean look to people in and out of our school.” He thought as for “ pros, they look sharp and give a splash of color and cons are they’re very uncomfortable and very hot, especially in Florida weather.” We can agree that it’s hot in Florida and ties just add more heat to our bodies. He also states “ I would prefer not to, but I understand the reason why, to give the impression that we are professionals, which we are, but polo shirts look just as snazzy” Wearing ties can be professional and look nice, but wearing them everyday can be a hassle. Maybe our male faculty can wear them twice a week or more just so they don’t get hot.

I also interviewed Dr. Compton, Academy’s band teacher, and asked his opinion about ties in our school community. “I’m not a fan of wearing a tie to work at all. I think it would be okay if we wore polos, the male teachers anyway, so I’m not a big fan of a tie.” Again, we hear from another teacher polos would be a good alternative and vests can be fine as well. Dr. Compton thinks “Cons are that in Florida it’s very hot and it’s uncomfortable to have your neck tied up like that. As for pros, I guess you look more professional, but I think dressing is not necessarily a indexation of your professionalism. It has more to do with how you behave and how you act.” Wow! Words of wisdom. Your behavior is a more important to your professionalism than how or what you dress in. Florida is also hot and to have a extra weight tied upon your neck isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear.

So overall ties aren’t the most comfortable thing male faculty have to wear, but it does give our school a professional look. Polos or vests (in the winter) can be just as put together as a ties. Our male faculty just needs a breather. Man, ties just get us tied up!

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