Managing Champions

Football is one of the most exciting sports to watch, and the spotlight is usually on the players, nobody usually pays attention to what happens in the background. However, in the background working hard are often the managers. Being a team manager is one of the most important jobs of a football team. They make sure the team has plenty of water and all of the equipment necessary to play the game. Every day the team managers set up all of the water and get everything onto the bus. The team managers are usually not old enough to play on the team, but do plan to be on the team in the future. As a team manager, they get to learn how the practice works and they get to meet the coaches. The managers this year are Ian Curry, 7th, and Carter Kienast, 8th. Carter will be in high school next year and will be able to be on the official team. Ian will be in eighth grade next year and plans to stay on as a team manager.

In an interview, the managers were asked about the game and their place within it.

What do you think are your jobs as a football manager?
“Filling up waters and making sure everything comes off the bus.” -Ian
What appeals to you about football?
“I like seeing how they play on the team. I like how we play in games win games and win the championship.” -Ian
Why did you want to be a football manager?
“I wanted to learn the game before I started to play.” -Carter
How are the football players doing at the practices?
“We are doing great right now we are 3-0.” -Ian
What is it like being at the games on the sideline?
“Although I’m not on the field it’s still fine because I still get to be there see the game and cheer on the team.”-Ian
What is the most enjoyable thing about being a team manager?
“My favorite part is helping out the team.”-Carter
Carter Kienast, 8th, celebrates as The Wildcats score another touchdown!

Photo by: Adam Roberts


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