Teacher feature of Coach Shawn Brown

By: Emma Kittredge ’24

The man, the myth, the legend, the best coach around! You know him and love him, it’s Coach  Shawn Brown. A kind-hearted and loving guy, he has been the Middle and Upper Division coach for P.E. track, football, and basketball for the past 6 years. Ever since joining the football team as a head coach his personal mission has been making the Wildcats football team the best in the state. Since then he won two state championship games and earned the title of COACH OF THE YEAR by Florida Christian Association of Private Parochial (FCAPPS). Coach Brown made a personal effort to make the high school football team there best possible. I, personally, think coach Brown is one of the best coaches around, building many student’s characters and making a personal effort to bring a smile to everyone.

Many students and other coaches have been impacted by him. Peyton Williams ’21 (football and basketball) said Coach has been a father figure and a big impact on his life. “Coach Brown has impacted my life by being more than just a coach by being like a father. He takes time bonding with players. He will also make sure you know how to do drills or any type of work out and that’s what makes him a great coach. He has given me advice off and on the court. He has guided me and pushed me to who I am today.” Tioma Steppenets ’19 (football team and basketball) has found a liking in football and might pursue it in college “Coach Brown has taught me everything I know about football. The best advice I got was, play like it’s your last game.” From winning the state championship Tioma has a future in football and is being recruited.”-Quinn McCormick ’23 (football) found Coach Brown opening opportunities for him; “He has given me so many opportunities that most don’t get. He has been more than a coach and more like a father.” Coach Kevin assistant athletic director has seen the impact that coach Brown has had on students and the programs. “Over the years of working with many different coaches, I can honestly say, Coach Brown works harder than any other coach I know. When Coach Brown first became Head Coach for AATL, it was Coach Brown, another part-time Coach and I.  Each year, Coach Brown has been able to add new coaches with specialties that greatly improved the Coaching Staff.”

Get to know a little more about Coach Brown.

Did you believe you could win again for the second year in a row from?

I believed they could win because I saw the work they put in.

What was your favorite part of coaching?

My favorite part was watching these boys grow into young men, I also like the quality time with [his son] Jalen.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I get cinnamon buns every Friday before a game.

Where did you go to college?

I went to St. Leo University.

What was your degree in?

A business degree

How is your bond with students?

I get along with all his kids, I treat them like they are my own.

As we end on that note, I don’t think Academy’s sports programs would be anything nearly as fantastic as it is, without Coach Brown. He has impacted so many people. He has changed the course of students futures with his dedication. His courteous personality is one that Academy can’t live without and can’t get enough of. I, along with many others, would not be who we are today without him.






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