The Walkout

It’s tragic to have to worry about your life every day at school.

It is the one place that one should feel the safest, and yet now no one feels safe. On February 14, there was a school shooting in Parkland, Florida at Stoneman Douglas High School. Fourteen students and 3 teachers were shot and died on campus. This tragedy struck not only the family and friends of the victims but Florida and the nation as well. Students around the country walked out of class at 12:00 pm for 17 minutes, one minute for each life lost.

Anisa Nanavati wrote that she doesn’t want kids to worry about their lives every day at school. They should focus on school and friends.
The thoughts of every student and teacher after the Parkland shooting.

At Academy at the Lakes, Mr. Williams 8th grade Social Studies class walked out. They wrote the names of all the victims in chalk on the sidewalk along with some quotes written for the family and friends. The main quote was, “17 lives lost but never forgotten.” 8th grader girls Hannah Church, Jolie Miller, Addison Pollock, Elise Faith, and Anisa Nanavati told us some of their thoughts about the movement and the memorial that sits on the sidewalk. 

This movement is to stand strong and stick together. The Parkland shooting was a horrible tragedy that shouldn’t happen again. 17 lives lost is 17 too many. On March 24th there will be a march in Washington D.C. to protest gun violence. This march is called The March for Our Lives.

These are all of the 17 victims names written in chalk. In bold, orange letters is written, “17 lives lost but not forgotten.”

If you want to learn more about The March for Our Lives, click here.

Tell us what you think about this terrifying shooting and what you think we could do to make our campus safer in the comments below.

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